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We want you to feel like a rock star with your insurance and payments. Representing the cream of the crop in the insurance world, we take our promise to pay up in case of a covered loss super seriously.

We’re not just any insurance gig – we’re a local, family-owned operation with agents who are seasoned pros in the local scene. Your money works hard, and so do you, so we won’t waste either. Your time and your dollars are precious to us!

Let’s make insurance feel like a breeze – with a touch of warmth and a whole lot of expertise..

Welcome to Shop Around Insurance Services – where saving you money meets a heartfelt commitment to excellence! We get it – your hard-earned cash deserves a cozy spot in your pocket, and we’re here to make sure it stays put.

Say goodbye to being stuck with an agency that’s all about a single carrier or just a handful. We’re not your average insurance shop – we’re a full-service brokerage with a knack for finding the perfect coverage and every discount you deserve. Thanks to our awesome connections and direct access to numerous “A” rated carriers, we’ve got a lineup of companies practically doing cartwheels to win your business.

When we’re out there shopping for you, it’s not just about policies and numbers. Nope, you become part of our insurance family – and family always gets the VIP treatment.


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New Website

Welcome to our new and improved website! We are thrilled to unveil our fresh new look and feel, designed to provide an enhanced and captivating experience for our existing clients and social fans. Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you a...

5 Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Vacation this Summer

Are you as happy as I am about the arrival of summer — the warmer temps, outdoor activities, and family vacations? While traveling this year may look a little different from the years past, there are ways to get away safely, explore a new area, and turn those work...

Interesting Article about highway safety during this weird time

I came across this interesting article about highway safety during this period where we have less driving. I too have seen an uptick in the amount of accidents on the road over this period last year. This week alone we have processed 5 auto insurance claims....

Riots & Civil Commotion

First, a total upheaval of life as we know it from the effects of the coronavirus. And now, our entire country battles fresh wounds and deep scars on the American quest for equality. Watching these images on the news it can just feel so overwhelming. I do hope you and...

New York State Reopening

I am not an expert in CoVid reopening procedures. I was on a webinar and came across some resources. Here is what I do know: NYS is requiring that each business have a written plan on file (it makes no mention of large or small, or number of employees). I came across...

CoVid Entertainment Resources

While you’ve probably stumbled across many on your own, here are ten resources available free now that weren’t just several weeks ago.   If there is a silver lining to the global pandemic we’re facing, it’s the public display of generosity we’ve seen on the news and...

A Plan to reopen

As you have previously seen during the CoVid disaster we are remote working and keeping safe. The governor has a plan for the reopening of New York Economy. I hope this happens as quickly and as safely as possible. Check out some more info here.  New York has a plan,...

Safeco Premium Relief

A message from Tyler Asher Taking care of our customers, employees and agents is a top priority for Safeco. We recognize the uncertainty and financial challenges many of our joint customers are facing as the nation bands together to slow the spread of the coronavirus....

Progressive Premium Relief

Progressive returns $1 billion in premium to customers Today we announced that we’re providing credits of approximately $1 billion in premium to Progressive personal auto customers as a result of fewer claims that come with less frequent driving. Subject to approval...

Travelers Premium Relief

Travelers has their announcement. Keep in mind that NYS has to approve these give backs. We haven't seen those announcements your carriers are responding. Here is Travelers take. Press Release Email Alerts Email page Print view PDF view Social Media Sharing Travelers...