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Earlier this year on Shop Around Insurance Instagram account I had a post with a picture of a messy garage floor and a discussion about liability.  With the first snow fall projected for Thursday into Friday morning it was time to get the garage clean enough to hold the cars.

We often enter our home through the garage so it is a garage/mudroom/staging area/kid toy depository/leaf collector/junk holder/shoe closet/catch all.  That is until the snow comes.  Then through nothing short of a miracle it becomes a warm, dry, time saving device. A two car garage was one of the reasons we moved to our house from our condo. We make sure to use it.

Organization is key for this here are something to remember when organizing your garage.

1- Make sure whatever shelves or cabinetry you have hanging on your walls is secure, you don’t want your stuff falling on your cars.

2- The best time to put something away is when you are using it. It’s a powerful habit if you can learn to employ it. Put the weed whacker away as soon as you are done with it. Don’t wait.

3- Get rid of junk- if it is not useful of beautiful you don’t need it.

4- Are you really going to fix that broken chair, or are you going to buy a new one?

5- Flat balls, balls with no tread, broken Wiffle ball bats, broken Nerf toys, time for the garbage can.

6- Any flammable fluids should be store outside and away from your home, but if you are storing something make sure all of the canisters are secure, closed, and away from ignition sources. There should be no odor coming from the container.

6- Vacuum under the garage fridge and chest freezers get all that dust our of there. There is a lot of dust that blow in those doors or comes in with your car. You will be surprised by whats under the fridge.

-Now that the garage is clear of junk and the car are ready to come in

1- Make sure you have a working smoke and CO detector.

2- Know how far you have to pull in to clear the door, and not crash into the wall.

3- Pull the car in, don’t back the car in. Keep all that dirty exhaust as close to the outside door as possible.

4- Never let your car idle in the garage, open the big garage door, get in your car, check that you opened the garage door, start your car, check again that you open the garage door, pull out. Leave the door open for a few minutes if you can.

If I can do this so can you!

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Ready for the cars!

The chair is here because I say triumphantly watching my neighbor clean his garage.

Cars are in!