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Good advice from a Dad on a snowy day.

Today has the potential to be a wild day on the roads. Take your time, clean off the top of your car, leave the cell phone alone. Also, while we are at it here are a few more things I want you to know. If you are drinking make sure you call someone for a…

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Clean Garage

Earlier this year on Shop Around Insurance Instagram account I had a post with a picture of a messy garage floor and a discussion about liability.  With the first snow fall projected for Thursday into Friday morning it was time to get the garage clean enough to hold the cars. We often enter our home…

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Mortgage Clause Changes

Mortgagee clause changes, something to look out for regarding your mortgage, especially if your homeowners policy is paid through escrow. After your closing, your mortgage company might make some changes that you will need to relay to your insurance agent. Often times mortgage companies will either sell your loan to another company or simply change…

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The best day of school is the first day of school!

The best day of school is the first day of school, not the last day of school as previously thought according to studies. I don’t have any studies to prove this but it feels like it’s true doesn’t it.  It’s the promise of new opportunity, the quest for new knowledge and the chance to find…

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Life Insurance

Today at 11:30 am, I was standing in line waiting to buy coffee to carry me through the rest of my day. The guy in front of me was buying 100.00 worth of lotto tickets. The guy behind me was buying 4 tall boys of light beer. Both were older men. The thing that struck…

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Road Rage- Calm down, please!

I was recently reading an article in Men’s Health Magazine about road rage. (Here is a link to one of their stories on it.) I’ve been there, long day at work, something for the kids scheduled right after school, and after that it’s date night. Pressure to get home, be a good parent and a…

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Swimming alone

A friend and I were talking about the dangers of  swimming alone and about pool safety tips. The carriers (big insurance company) have plenty of info graphics on these things. We usually see their pretty ads and info graphics in the Spring when people are opening pools and everyone is diving in head first. You…

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Protecting the Sunny Day

Protecting the Sunny Day- Today is a day where the kids are playing, the sun is shinning and we get to enjoy some of the fruits of our labor. It’s one of those days where we get to see the things we work for. (You may even be working today like I am but we…

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Hudson Valley Fireworks

Click here for a list of the Hudson Valley Fireworks   The firework schedule in my neighborhood is as follows. Every single night of your life, starting as soon as your kids and dogs settle down for the night. The link above will take you to an updated schedule. Check them out and let us…

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The Best day of School is the Last day of School

The Best Day of School is the Last Day of School- It is a song that I hear the kids singing loud and clear on this day every year. The sing it loud and proud as they march out my door and in the door of the school. They deliver their teacher notes, they watch…

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