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I’ve been on a mission to find even more anecdotes to share with you. If you’re anything like me, you could use a regular dose of “good” amidst the steady diet of discouragement and uncertainty.

So grab the popcorn, your favorite drink, and a comfortable seat, and check out another batch of soul-strengthening news that will restore your faith in the human spirit. Let these stories remind you and your kids, once again, there is good to be found in our big, wide world — pandemic or no pandemic.

  1. Have you seen the latest episode from John Krasinski’s YouTube channel Some Good News? His weekly show has become wildly popular and shares some of the most uplifting stories from folks around the world during the pandemic. It’s definitely worth your time.

  2. One Winter Park, Florida mom has taken to the streets (or sidewalks, rather)  to spread cheer to her neighbors with amusing messages from beloved cartoon characters.

  3. A creative and practical way to care for nurses and doctors, RVs 4 MDs, a Facebook group, is connecting RV owners with frontline healthcare workers to provide nurses, doctors, and staff members exposed to COVID-19 a safe place to sleep while isolating from their families.

  4. A taxi driver in Spain recently received a standing ovation and a generous cash gift from doctors and nurses to thank him for faithfully transporting Coronavirus patients free-of-charge to the local hospital.

  5. Hit a few hiccups working from home? You’re not alone. Lizet Ocampo, the department head at a nonprofit called People For the American Way, recently went viral for turning herself into a potato on a work video call — and she couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.

  6. Grandma Terry — you gotta love her. The 89-year-old Chicago, Illinois resident sewed masks for 50 of her closest family and friends mailing them all over the country with a handwritten note. She then enlisted the help of others to make 600 more masks for neighbors. What’s even more endearing? She did all while listening to the Beatles.

  7. On Easter Monday, residents in one of the hardest-hit cities when it comes to the coronavirus were given a real reason to smile — residents in the Big Apple just needed to look up.

  8. The sign said, “No Visitors Allowed.” But that didn’t stop one adoring husband from supporting his wife during a recent chemotherapy treatment at the local hospital.

  9. Southeastern Grocers, the parent company of several grocery chains in the South, surprised healthcare workers with free groceries as a way to say thanks for their dedication to caring for patients on the frontlines.