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Today at 11:30 am, I was standing in line waiting to buy coffee to carry me through the rest of my day. The guy in front of me was buying 100.00 worth of lotto tickets. The guy behind me was buying 4 tall boys of light beer.

Both were older men. The thing that struck me besides the idea of it being 5:00 somewhere was that the guy buying the lotto tickets has probably done this every week of his life for quite a while. We are creatures of habit right? This is the assumption I was making.

He is probably buying lotto tickets for all the reasons people buy lotto tickets. Pay off loans, set up his kids/grand kids for life, and to buy that beach/lake house. He has spent 400.00 a month for however many months, and has nothing to show for it. That equates to $4800.00.

I just worked on a life policy for someone with a 1 million dollar value for 60.00 month!

Most of us won’t/don’t spend 100.00 a week on lotto tickets. It seem like a crazy amount of money on a gamble. Most of us have the dream of setting up our kids or significant other for life and at the very least protecting them if something happens to their parents.

The answer to this is life insurance and not the lotto. I’ve seen first hand how this type of policy saves families from financial ruin. If you have people that depend on you and your paycheck you need this coverage. It’s not a gamble but security that you purchase for your families and loved ones future.

-yes, there is an application
-yes we have to fill out paperwork
-yes it is for your family after you pass not for you today
-yes something, anything is better than nothing
-yes you have to qualify for a plan/product
-no it is not scary,
-no it does not jinx you,
-no you shouldn’t buy it after you lose 10 lbs. (Losing 10 lbs is hard).
-no your spouse won’t paint a target on your shirt

We can do this together. It is as important as that time I helped you fix your car/home insurance, and saved you money.

Now some type of disclaimer:
* everyone is subject to underwriting, terms, conditions, and qualifications pricing varies based on all of these things.




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