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The best day of school is the first day of school, not the last day of school as previously thought according to studies.

I don’t have any studies to prove this but it feels like it’s true doesn’t it.  It’s the promise of new opportunity, the quest for new knowledge and the chance to find new things to be passionate about.

Like making sure you have great coverage for a great price on your auto insurance. I know what you’re saying, “is anyone really passionate about this”? You bet we are. This is what we do! Our entire culture is focused on making sure you have the right coverage and paying the right price.

Today as school starts please remember:

  1. Leave extra time for yourself to get to where you are going. The buses are back, the routes are new and there are kids in the streets. Today is not the day to be in a rush on the road.
  2. Pay attention to the buses blinking lights and that sweeper arm that covers the lane. That is not something for you to drive around. You have to stop.
  3. Instead of talking about how slow the drive to work is with the buses back on the road, talk about how great the team over at Shop Around Insurance Services is, and tell your co-workers to call us.