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Swimming alone

I only swim after my coffee

A friend and I were talking about the dangers of  swimming alone and about pool safety tips. The carriers (big insurance company) have plenty of info graphics on these things. We usually see their pretty ads and info graphics in the Spring when people are opening pools and everyone is diving in head first. You may have even seen me share those on our FB page.

We were talking about our kids and how they are not allowed to swim alone, and how adults should also not swim alone. It’s an important thing to remember. It got me thinking about all the other things we shouldn’t do alone or without an expert.

In some of these instances, an expert costs money to make sure everything goes well.  In every single instance, it will be money well spent!  In 2 of these instances it will cost you zero money.

Working with Shop Around Insurance will cost you zero extra money. And, it’s your opportunity to work with a local, licensed, caring agent. It is much less painful than a ‘do it yourself’ colonoscopy or giving a cat a bath.